Do you have a fear of Flying? Scared of Spiders? A phobia of needles? Calustrophic?

The good news is you do not have to live with these fears ever again.

They may vary in severity from a mild slight anxiety, or panic up to a deep seeded mind controlling phobia.

Using Hypnosis - we can access the subconcious that stores the fears and memories and eliminate them from your life. We will create a fast and lasting change by dealing with the exact reasoning why our minds create these responses.

Most fears and phobias can be released in 2 - 4 sessions.

Some of the Fears we can help with:

Darkness, Heights, Flying, Pain, Open Spaces, Crowds, Needles, Opposite sex, Choking, Thunder & Lighning, Failure, Being Alone, Stairs or steep slopes, Plants, Mirrors, Snow, Time, Confined places, Clowns, Computers, Dogs, Dentists, Cats, Insects, Horses, Public Speaking, Opposite sex, Blood, Reptiles, Water, Doctors, Childbirth, Cooking, Dirt & Germs, Night time, Gaining weight, Snakes, Birds, Disease, Children, Kissing, Feet, Flying, Fire, the Moon, Sleep, Germs,  and many many other things