Are you ready to quit smoking forever?

Why do you want to quit?

If you have come this far you have most likely already asked yourself a million times over.

What have you tried to quit before?

There are so many ways to try quitting:

Chewing tobacco, gum, vaping, champix, nicotine replacement, cold turkey?
As an ex-smoker I know how hard that is and the failure rate is so very high.

How much is smoking costing you?

The physical cost of smoking is going up every year which is well known.
But what about the cost to your health, your family, your friends.

Smoking doesn't just affect you - it affects everyone around you.

How do I become a non-smoker?

Through our Hypnotherapy techniques there is a 97% success rate that you will arrive someone wanting to quit - and walk out a non-smoker FOREVER!



If you have come this far then you have asked yourself this many times before.  You will most likely already know the benefits that you will get from giving up smoking. But did you know that you will feel the benefits almost immediately after your hypnotherapy session?

Once you finish your 2 hour quit smoking session you will start feeling the following:

  • Save thousands of dollars every year (quit smoking 1 packet per day and save $10,500 per year, 2 packets per day and save $21,000 per year!

  • Improve your fertility and your chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

  • Improve your breathing and general fitness.

  • Enjoy the taste of food more.

  • Get rid of that stale tobacco smell from your hair, skin and clothes.

  • Look attractive with healthy, glowing skin, no tobacco stains on your teeth and fewer wrinkles.

  • Feel more confident in public places because you won’t be polluting the air or making other people breathe your secondhand smoke.

  • Have a fresh, attractive home without nicotine stains on the walls and reduce your risk of starting a house fire or burning your clothes.

  • Reduce your risk of illness, disability or death caused by cancer, heart disease and lung diseases.

  • Reduce the risk of getting various other conditions, which, although not life threatening, can cause unpleasant problems. For example: impotence, reduced fertility, optic neuropathy, cataract, macular degeneration, psoriasis, gum disease, tooth loss, osteoporosis and Raynaud’s phenomenon.

  • Reduce your risk of gangrene or amputation caused by circulation problems.

  • Protect the health of the people you care about by not making them breathe your secondhand smoke.

So why would you wait any longer, start getting the above benefits and many more right away. 

what has stopped you from quitting before?

Giving up smoking is hard - I know. I smoked for 15 years before finally breaking the shackles and I have loved every day since.

With other ways of trying to quit there are a lot of physical and emotional sypmtoms that make it even harder.

  • The ill feeling you get from the withdrawl from the nicotine and multiple other substances inside each cigarette.

  • You started gaining weight

  • You had a friend who told you one more can't hurt

  • The nicotine patches made you feel uneasy (mine gave me wildly vivid and erratic dreams)
  • You felt the FOMO (fear of missing out) when a couple of friends went for a cigarette
  • It was just 'easier' to not quit
  • Because you've always known yourself as a smoker

None of these will be a problem with out taylored hypnotherapy sessions as we work on your subconcious to eliminate all these symptoms.


There is so much information out there on the health benefits - not just the physical heart, lung and fitness. But also the mental benefits of being a non-smoker.

But first - check out the financial cost from this website:

In regards to the mental/physical cost, smoking can cause physical symptoms like headaches or breathlessness as well as making people feel irritable, anxious or low. These feelings can alter our behaviour and feeling stressed often makes people drink alcohol or smoke more than usual. Long term stress is also related to anxiety and depression

I am pretty sure that by now I do not need to let you know the health issues that are related to smoking. But just know this - every day that you are a non-smoker, is another day your body has to repair the damage done over the years. Not to mention all the money you will save and the family members you will see continue to grow and live happily

how much is smoking actually costing you?


Most people who come to us me have tried everything else – patches, Champix, laser, acupuncture etc.  But with all of those methods, nothing is done to address the underlying problem; the unconscious patterns and deep seated habit that keeps you smoking. 

Smoking cigarettes is something that is out of your conscious control.  It is an unconscious behaviour.  A deep-seated habit.  Something you do automatically without even thinking about it.

So what we do is work out what those unconscious triggers and patterns are and release them. 

We look for those unconscious triggers and patterns that are keeping you smoking.  Then we do a full hypnosis session to release those triggers and patterns – that deep seated habit.  Some people think it’s the nicotine that keeps them smoking but it is actually the habit that is the addiction.

You will come in for your session - we will have a good talk and discuss all the reasons why and how and really taylor the session to your exact needs. Everyone smokes or continues to smoke for different reasons so we will find out the root reasons - this will be your personal quit smoking hypnosis that will ensure you eliminate the habit, that the nicotine is no loner an issue and you will walk out of the session a 'non-smoker' happy and healthy for the rest of your life.

But how do I become a non-smoker?