What They’re Saying

Curious to see what clients are saying? Browse through some testimonials below to get a better idea of what to expect and the kind of service you’ll receive when you consult with Connect Hypnotherapy.

Cannabis addiction

I have been smoking weed for 25 years. I never thought about stopping until recently. When I finally tried to stop smoking completely I found it impossible, as I was so used to it. I decided to get some help after failing many times. Also, as my kids became older, they realised that something was going on (hiding it required a lot of daily lies). All that to say that I couldn't take it anymore and I started to make phone calls to find a hypnotherapist. After calling many in and around Sydney, Craig was from far the only one who took his time to listen to me and answer my numerous emails before we met. 
I met him and after one session I felt relieved, strong, positive and more important I felt free ! I realised from the day after the session that when I drove back home from work, I didn't think about having a joint anymore, I felt detached about it and naturally found different things to do to make myself busy. Craig helped me to gain some strength with new tools and I am proud to say that I feel energised thanks to him. 
I strongly recommend his talent!


 March 2021

Clenched jaw relief


My experience with Craig Tester was nothing less than fabulous! I have struggled with bruxism (jaw clenching while I sleep as well as when I’m conscious) for three and a half years now. My father is a dentist and has given me many exercises and techniques to try and combat it and relax my jaw muscles. However, I have not felt as much relief as I did during/after my session with Craig. He was extremely professional and has such a soothing voice. My session was about 40 minutes, and my jaw muscles have not been more relaxed! The effects have lasted long after my session, but I definitely will be booking another appointment with him!


November 2020

Quit Smoking




Week number 4 now and still not even thinking of or craving for a smoke


         March 2022

Stress relief

Shout out to Connect Hypnotherapy. My go to place in turbulent times. Craig is a true professional, very personable. I was immediately at ease and enjoyed our sittings very much. What I particularly found useful is learning to access a place of calm and stillness that I'm able to go back to when the times require. Quite often these days.

Best of luck to all. Don't forget help is out there.


February 2022