Stress & General Anxiety


Would you believe that that approximately one in three people suffer from some sory of anxiety, stress or panic attacks quite often?

For most of these people it can happen anywhere, anytime. Some have triggers that bring it on whilst others it just happens. This creates a sinking feeling of hoplessness and self doubt.

Sometimes this has come from our own experiences through our lives, and some have been passed down intergenerationally through our DNA. There is even thought to it being from inter-generational trauma happened to our ancestors.


From an increased heart rate, breathing difficulties, sweating and eratic bahaviour, this anxiety or stress can trigger a plethora of reactions that are unbearable to most.


Any anxiety or stress or panic disorders that are not treated can be cripling and can develop into depression over the years.


How does hypnotherapy work for Anxiety?

With clinical hypnosis, you will discover how you can effortlessly deal with anxiety and change perception of stressful events. By directly interacting with the unconscious process which lies at the core of the issue, lasting change can be created. We have helped so many, and we can help you too.

In addition to this, you will be shown effective techniques to counter negative thinking and develop a more balanced strategy for dealing with stress. This will allow you to tame your inner critic.

What can Hypnosis help me with?

General anxiety, Social anxiety, Performance anxiety, Public speaking anxiety, Job interview anxiety, Exam anxiety, Agoraphobia, Obsessive intrusive thoughts, Panic attacks, Work stress management, Seperation anxiety, Guilt complex, OCD complex, PTSD, Birthing & Pregnancy anxiety, Sleep anxiety...... and many many more.

What does it take?

Depending on the severity of your anxiety/stress the average course of action is 2-3 sessions. If you have past trauma that needs to be addressed this may take longer as there may be multiple issues that need to be dealt with.

Contact us for futher information as to how we can connect you to a better you.